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The Story of the Adyapeath Temple (6 of 6)

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The Story Continues:

Having seen his dreams begin to bear fruit, Annada died in January, 1929, at the age of 38, of a lung infection. Before his death, however, he wrote his remarkable story in the Bengali book Swapna-Jeevana, later translated into English as A Life of Visions.

The dream of the temple lived on through the work of a group of devotees. The Shiva temples were restored, the girls' school was built in 1942, and the boys' orphanage was completed in 1951. The free clinic moved to a new building on the temple grounds in 1959.

The temple itself, built of pure white marble, was completed in a number of phases and consecrated on January 14, 1967. Sri Ramakrishna had predicted that after the establishment of this temple, there would be a new religious stir in the country, starting in Bengal. At least three devotees each year, he said, would receive a direct vision of God in this temple and would dedicate their lives for the welfare of the world. Today, hundreds of pilgrims and devotees visit the temple daily, and its charitable outreach serves many hundreds of needy people.

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