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Charitable Work of the Sangha (2 of 4)

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Adyapeath Matri Ashram (Widows' Home):

Houses approximately 85 widows without family to support them who wish to lead a religious life.

Charitable Dispensary:

An outpatient clinic has been set up with X-ray and E.C.G. facilities, dental and eye treatment, and medicines, all free
of cost to the patients. A mobile dispensary and two ambulance services are also provided round the clock for the poor.
Monikuntala Devi

Monikuntala Balika Vidyalaya:

Dedicated to the memory of Monikuntala Devi, wife of Sri Sri Annada Thakur and mother of the Sangha, this school offers free education to approximately 650 girls up to class ten (tenth grade).

Monikuntala Devi
Sanskrit Mahavidyalaya:

One of the largest Sanskrit schools in West Bengal, offering free basic Sanskrit teaching to more than 300 students.

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